TAROT Upcoming Horror Movie in 2024 Review, Release Date

Tarot Horror Movie- Sony Pictures presents a New Upcoming Horror Movie Taror. We all like watching horror movies very much, that is why today we are going to tell you about an upcoming horror movie that you must watch.

Tarot Horror Movie

Tarot Horror Movie

As the name of the film suggests, things related to Taro Card are going to happen in the film. Generally, we know that Tarocard Readers work to tell your future with the help of these cards. But when it comes to Taro Cards in Horror Movies, there are a different type of cards here.

Ghosts are called using cards and they are made to do their work. Something similar has been shown in this film also. Where 4-5 Teenagers call Ghost using Tarot cards.

Now things are a little different here because generally, we know that the work of Ghosts is to be possessed but here we have Tarocards so there are images of different types of Ghosts that have different abilities.

According to the trailer, in this movie, some people use a lot of cards, which means a lot of Ghosts with different abilities.

So you can understand that there are going to be a lot of new things in this movie which you have not experienced in horror movies till now. That is why we said at the beginning of the article that if you like watching horror movies then Tarot Horror Movie will be a must-watch for you.

Tarot Horror Movie Release Date

Till now the release date of this film has not been revealed but it has been told in the trailer that this film will be released in May.

Tarot Horror Movie Cast and Crew

Harriet Slater

Harriet Slater is an English Actress, she is best known for her work in Belgravia: The Next Chapter and Tatier.

Adain Bradley

Everyone who watches Horror Movies will know the name of Wrong Turn in which Adain Bradley has worked, he is an American Actor who has worked in Wrong Turn Movie and has also worked in the Most Watched Series The 100.


Avantika Vandanapu is an American Actress who is best known for her work in South Indian Films. She also worked in some Hollywood Films.

Wolfgang Novogratz

Wolfgang Francis Novogratzis an American Actor and Model. He is best known for his work in The Last Summer, The Half of It, and Feel the Beat.

Humberly Gonzalez

Humberly Gonzalez is a Canadian Actress who is best known for Orphan Black (2013), Saving Hope (2012), and Dark (2019).

Larsen Thompson

Larsen Thompson is an American Actress, Model, and Dancer.

Jacob Batalon

Jacob Batalon is an American Actor, who is best known for his work in Spider-Man Homecoming (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Avengers Endgame (2019).

Tarot Movie Official Trailer

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