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How to Check Is your Pan Card is Linked with Aadhar

Pan Aadhar Link Check- Hello, in today’s article we will know how we can check whether our Pan Card is linked to our Aadhar Card or not.

Pan Aadhar Link Check

Pan Aadhar Link Check

As we all know that according to the new rule of the Government, it is necessary to link the Pan Card with the Aadhar Card, for which the Government had earlier given time till March 31, 2023. Under this everyone can link their Pan Card with their Aadhar. But due to lack of advertisement and down the site, this last date has now been extended.

You can now link your Pan Card with Aadhar till June 30, 2023. But before that let us tell you, it is very important for you to know that your Pan Card is not already linked to your Aadhaar.

Because now a fee of 1000 Rupees is being deposited to link your Pan Card with Aadhar, so if your Pan Card is already linked with Aadhar, then you will waste 1000 Fee unnecessarily which was not even needed.

That is why before linking your Pan Card with Aadhar, make sure to check whether your Pan Card is already linked with Aadhar or not. There is no fee to check the Pan Aadhar Link status, so you can check your Pan Card and Aadhar Card status free of cost.

Step by Step Information How to Check Pan Aadhar Link

Step 01. Income Tax Portal

Apart from the official website of Incometax, the Efilling Portal of Incometax is available from where you can do work related to your Pan Card like Checking your Pan Aadhar Link status. So first you open the Income Tax eFilling Portal.

Step 02. Link Aadhaar Status

Now you will get some options in the Left Sidebar, out of which you will also get the option of Link Aadhar Status, you have to click on this option. Due to this a new window will open on your screen.

Step 03. Enter Your Details

Now you have to enter your Pan Card Number and Aadhar Number. There are total of 6 words in Pan Card which are in Capital Letters, so while entering Pan Number, keep in mind that you enter the words in Capital Letters only.

Step 04. View Link Aadhaar Status

After filling in the Pan Detail and Aadhar Detail, if you look below, the View Link Aadhar Status button on the right side is now active, click on it.

After which a popup window will appear on your screen and you will get information on whether your PAN is linked to your Aadhaar or not.

In this way, you can check your Pan Aadhar Link very easily.

In conclusion

Caution is the only protection, so before linking your Pan Card, you must check whether your Pan Card is linked with your Aadhar Card or not, only after that do you link your Pan Card with Aadhar. If your Pan Card is already linked to your Aadhar then you do not need to do anything.

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