OZARK Season 5, Is OZARK Web-Series Season 5 Coming?

OZARK Season 5- OZARK is a crime drama web series created by Netflix, which is one of the most popular web series on Netflix. If you prepare a list of Hollywood’s Best Crime Drama WebSeries, then definitely OZARK will be in first place.

ozark season 5

Because the Story, Cast, and Twists & Turns of this web series are such very Interesting and give you goosebumps, that’s why after watching this Series all the people become fans of this web series. There will be hardly any WebSeires Lover in India who has not seen OZARK WebSeries.

Season 4 of OZARK was released in the year 2022, which was released in 2 parts, which broke several records. Now the news is coming that OZARK Season 5 is going to be released.

If we talk about the rating of the OZARK Series, then OZARK Web Series is rated 8.5 out of 10 on IMDB

Plot of OZARK

This web series is focused on Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney), Marty works in the post of Charted Accountant (CA) in a company, and Wendy wants to become a Political Leader.

First of all, let us tell you about their marriage life, then Wendy is shown here cheating on Marty, who has an affair with someone and Marty gets to know about this. Even after this, till Ozark Season 4, both of them live together and help each other.

The question is why? So, Marty who is a Chartered Accountant, his friend steals money from a drug cartel and gets caught, so the people of the drug cartel come there and kill his friend, along with that he was about to kill Marty as well. But Marty offers them that he will do money laundering work for them so that they can easily run their business.

For this, Marty tells them about a place named OZARK and convinces them that he will go to Ozark and set up many businesses so that the black money of the Drug Cartel can be whitened.

Since it was a drug cartel affair, Marty could not leave his family in Chicago, so he took his family and moved to OZARK. Where he develops many businesses like Motels, Casinos, and many more businesses.

Now in OZARK, what are the problems he faces in developing these businesses, who help him, and who becomes his enemies, you get to see all these twists in OZARK Web-Series.

Was Season 4 The Ending of Ozark?

In OZARK season 4, Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) who is the owner of the Drug Cartel gets arrested and his brother now starts running the business, but shortly after Ruth (Julia Garner) kills him then his sister becomes the owner of a Drug cartel.

But for some reason, Navarro’s sister does not want Navarro to come out of jail and she also tries to get him killed in jail but she fails.

Now Navarro asks Marty to run his business and also to investigate the attack on him. Because of this many times, the series takes very interesting turns.

Will Ozark Return for the 5th Season?

OZARK Season 4 has shown a lot of Twists & Turns and a lot of confusion has also been created, due to which the arrival of OZARK Season 5 was already confirmed and all OZARK Web Series Lovers are also waiting for OZARK Season 5.

OZARK Season 5 Release Date

It is not yet confirmed that like Season 4, this time OZARK Season 5 will be released by dividing it into two parts or one episode will be released every week. But it is confirmed that OZARK Season 5 will be released on Netflix on April 28, 2023.

All Seasons Release Date of OZARK Web-Series

SeasonEpisodesOriginally Released
110July 21, 2017
210August 31, 2018
310March 27, 2020
4 (Part-I)7January 21, 2022
4 (Part-II)7April 29, 2022

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