Atlas 2024, Jennifer Lopez New Upcoming Movie Trailer, Reveiw

Atlas- A new trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming film Atlas has been launched. Jennifer Lopez, Simu Liu, Sterling K. Brown, Mark Strong, and Lana Parilla will be seen in the lead roles in this trailer.



This is an American SiFi Action Drama Thriller film in which Jennifer Lopez will be seen in the lead role. The official trailer of the film has been released, so we will review the movie according to this trailer and learn about this film.

First of all, let us tell you that the story of this film is based on a villain who is an AI, this AI robot was created to save humanity as you might have seen in the Avenger Movie where Tony Stark creates Altron. Something similar has been shown in this film also, in which perhaps Jennifer Lopez’s team or scientists have created an AI robot or program, and that AI itself has become the enemy of humans.

In such a situation, Jennifer Lopez is given the mission to stop that AI, so she forms her team and sets out to stop that AI. Where an incident like a plane crash happens and all the people of her team are killed but Jennifer Lopez survives with her robot.

Here the story becomes a little more interesting because the killing robot with which Jennifer is also has an AI program and that program helps her in saving her life. You can also say that it is a battle of AI Vs AI in which Jennifer along with one AI is on a mission to defeat the other AI.

The story seems very interesting, now talking about the visuals, the locations in the film have been shown very beautifully, where snow mountains, flowers and different things have been kept. All these things make the visual very attractive.

After watching the trailer of the film, it seems that this film must be watched because the story is fascinating. Because when you are against AI and you have to trust other AI, then Saturation becomes quite complicated.

So the question is, will Jennifer trust AI? Will Jennifer win this battle?

You will be able to get answers to all these questions only after the release of the film.

Release Date of Atlas 2024

This film will be released on Netflix on May 24, 2024.

Cast & Crew in Atlas Movie

  • Jennifer lopez
  • Simu Liu
  • Sterling K Brown
  • Mark Strong
  • Lana Parrilla

Official Trailer of Atlas Movie 2024

In Conclusion

After watching the official trailer of Atlas Movie and reading the review, you all must have understood that this is going to be a tremendous film. Because it is going to be released on Netflix, then we all know that Netflix releases very selective content only. Does. This means this movie is going to be very interesting and you will like this movie.

What are your thoughts about this film? Please tell us by commenting. Thank you.

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