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Which Hospitals Provide Treatment Through Ayushman Card?

Ayushman Card- The Ayushman Yojana was started by the Government of India people who have an Ayushman card can get free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh in private hospitals that provide the facility of Ayushman Yojana. For which they do not need to pay any charges. Now the question comes, how do we find out in which hospitals treatment is provided under the Ayushman scheme?

Ayushman Card

Ayushman Card

Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a very successful and effective scheme under which any poor person can get his Ayushman card and get his treatment in a private hospital using that Ayushman card. So that India can become disease-free.

When advertisements were given on TV by the Government of India, information was also given to the people on News Paper and Radio so that all the people can get information about this scheme and can avail the benefits of this scheme. Today in India, to a large extent, people from the lower class have their Ayushman card and can get their treatment done.

But there are still some problems here because when people go to the hospital, they are told that they will have to pay for the treatment. After all, that hospital does not come under the Ayushman Card scheme.

That is why you should know which hospitals are there in your area that provide the facility of getting treatment through Ayushman card. For this, click on the link given below and select your state and district, now the complete list of hospitals will open in front of you from where you can go to your nearest hospital and get your treatment.

In this way, you can very easily see those hospitals that provide treatment facilities under Ayushman Bharat Scheme.

Eligibility Criteria for Aayushman Card

What is the eligibility for making an Ayushman card or for whom can an Ayushman card be made?

  1. Ayushman tax is levied on those families who are below the poverty line.
  2. Those who have 6 or more members on their ration card can be charged Ayushman Card.
  3. To get an Ayushman Card made, your name should be on the list issued under Aayushman Yojana.
  4. People whose names are on the list issued under the Ayushman Yojana can download their cards by doing KYC.

How to Check Your Name is Available in Aayushman List

How can you find out whether your name is on the list under Aayushman Yojana or not? For this, you have to download the Aayushman App and by entering your Aadhar Card number you can see whether your name is in the Aayushman List or not.

  • First of all, you download the Aayushman App.

  • In Login, you have to select the option of Beneficiary.

After this, enter your mobile number and click on the Verify button, through which a 6-digit OTP will be sent to your mobile. You have to enter that OTP in the given box. After this, log in by entering the given captcha.

Note- In this app, you do not need to create any registration or account.

After logging in, you can enter your details like-

  • Scheme- PMJAY
  • State- Select which state you belong to
  • Sub-Scheme- Here also you have to select PMJAY only.
  • Search by- Here you get many options but select Aadhar Number so that you will be able to find your name in the list very easily.
  • District- Now select your district
  • Aadhar Number- Now enter your Aadhar Number and search.

So that if your name is in the Aayushman List then you can easily do your KYC and download your card.

In Conclusion

Aayushman is a very good scheme in India but due to lack of information, hospitals fool people and take money from them, so be aware and first check online that the hospital where you are going to get your treatment comes under Aayushman Yojana. Yes or No.

If that hospital comes under that scheme and even then they charge your money, then you can complain against them. How did you like this information? Do tell us by commenting and if you also want information on how to do KYC, then soon you will get both an Article and a Video Tutorial on this topic.

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