Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds in India (2023)

Dangerous Dog Breeds in India: Dogs have considered humankind’s best friends among all pets because they establish an incomparable bond with their owners. who all will be surprised to know there are more than 340 breeds of dog found in the whole world. some of them are cute and some are fierce.

Dangerous Dog Breeds in India

Hello readers, today we will look at fierce and dangerous dogs native to India. Indian dogs have been admired since 400 BC by authors and historians for their loyalty, courage, and dedication.

Let’s have look at the top 10 dangerous dog breeds in India. Ranked according to their ferociousness and predatory behavior.

Dangerous Dog Breeds in India

10. Mudhol Hound

  • Height- Male 68-72 cm and Female 64-68 cm
  • Weight- Male 22-28 kg and Female 22-26 kg
  • Life Span- 13-14 Years
  • Bite Force- 350 PSI
  • Color- Fawn/mix
  • Temperament- Aloof, suspicious, loyal.

The Mudhol hound is also known as the Caravan hound. They are also known as Maratha and Pashmi hounds. The Mudhol hound is found mostly in Karnataka, Maharastra, Telangana, and some parts of Andhra Pradesh.

They are physically strong and have great speed and stamina, which allows them to hunt and kill smaller prey. They are known for their chasing skills and therefore not suitable for apartment life. They can be ferocious and dangerous if not socialized and are suspicious towards strangers.

9. Kanni

  • Height- Male 64-74 cm and Female 62-72 cm
  • Weight- Male 20-25 kg and Female 18-23 kg
  • Life Span- 14-16 Years
  • Bite Force- 300 PSI
  • Color- White, Fawn, Tan, Tri-color, Black
  • Temperament- Agile, Protective, Graceful, Independent, Loyal

Kanni means pure, is an indigenous breed of dog that has a similar appearance to a greyhound. They are mostly found in Tamil Nadu. They are medium size dogs that are bred to hunt small animals. Like other hounds, The Kanni uses their speed and endurance to hunt their prey.

The Kanni is usually shy but can go to any extent while defending their master and territory.

8. Rampur Greyhound

  • Height- Male 64-74 cm and Female 62-71 cm
  • Weight- Male 22-31 kg and Female 22-26 kg
  • Life Span- 10-12 Years
  • Bite Force- 300 PSI
  • Color- Black, White, Tan, Grey
  • Temperament- Loyal, devoted to their owners, very fast, prey drive

The Rampur Greyhounds are native to Rampur and the region of Northern India. They are a breed of sighthound, and it is believed that they are descendants of early Afghan hounds. They are also known as North Indian Greyhounds.

They have long legs and powerfully built physiques. They are extremely loyal to their owners and can be dangerous when feeling threatened. They can run very fast and have a high prey drive.

7. Bakharwal Dog

  • Height- Male  65-75 cm and Female 65-72 cm
  • Weight- Male 32-42 kg and Female 30-40 kg
  • Life span- 8-12 Years
  • Bite force- 300-400 PSI
  • Color- Black, Tan, Piebald, Tricolor
  • Temperament- Protective, Serious, Rugged, Loyal

The Bakharwal dog is considered an ancient Indian working dog, they are mostly found in Ladakh and some regions of North India. Their other names are Bakharwal Mastiff and Kashmir Sheepdog. Bakharwal dogs are divided into two categories, general Bakharwal, and Ladakhi Bakharwal.

They are powerful and ferocious, medium to heavy dogs. They are used for guarding sheep and can keep mountain lions at bay. They are known to be dangerous towards strangers and other animals.

6. Rajapalayam Dog

  • Height- Male 60-74 cm and Female 55-70 cm
  • Weight- Male 20-32 kg and Female 18-30 kg
  • Life Span- 10-12 Years
  • Bite Force- 250 PSI
  • Color- Milky white
  • Temperament- Devoted, serious, great guards

The Rajapalayam are native to Tamil Nadu. They are also known as Indian Ghost Hounds. Rajapalayam is a sighthound and hunts through their sight and speed only. They are large dogs and used to hunt wild boars.

Having a Rajapalayam is considered a luxury in olden times. They are ferocious hunters and can take down larger prey in packs. They are suspicious of strangers and are dangerous if felt threatened.

5. Kombai or Combai

  • Height- Male 55-60 cm and Female 50-58 cm
  • Weight- Male 15-28 kg and Female 15-25 kg
  • Life Span- 12-15 Years
  • Bite Force- 200 PSI
  • Color- Brown, Red
  • Temperament- Aggressive, territorial, Savage

The Kombai sometimes spelled Combai is a working dog breed native to Tamil Nadu and a few other South Indian regions. Their other name is Polygar dog. They are kept as guard dogs in past and have a reputation for being excellent ones.

They are muscular, powerful, and athletic dogs and are used in hunting games also. They have powerful jaws and broad chests. These dogs are aggressive and savage and intolerable towards strangers and unknown dogs. They have been known to fight intruders to death. This is the reason they rank so high in the list of Top 10 dangerous dogs in India despite being of medium size.

4. Gaddi kutta

  • Height- Male 56-79 cm and Female 51-76 cm
  • Weight- Male 40-45 kg and Female 35-40 kg
  • Life Span- 9-13 Years
  • Bite Force- 400-450 PSI
  • Color- Black and Tan, Solid black, Brindle
  • Temperament- Territorial, calm, Protective

Gaddi Kutta is also known as the Himalayan Sheepdog, Bhote, and Himalayan mastiff. They are a livestock guardian breed and are native to the Himalayan regions of India. They are used to guard Yak and Sheep against various predators.

They are closely related to Tibetan mastiffs genetically. They are a heavy and large breed of dogs, and their intimidating appearance often scares strangers. The Gaddi kutta is muscular their bite force is exceptional and if not trained or socialized properly they can be very dangerous.

3. Alangu Mastiff

  • Height- Male 70-80 cm and Female 60-70
  • Weight- Male 60-70 kg and Female 50-60 kg
  • Life Span- 8-10 Years
  • Bite Force- 500-600 PSI
  • Color- White with black mask/marking,
  • Temperament- Aggressive, ferocious, Arduos

The Alangu or Alangu mastiff are Indian breed of mastiff, they are a tall, heavily built, and intimidating breed of dogs. They are used for guarding and fighting. This breed of dog originates from Punjab, Rajasthan (Kutch), and some Southern parts of India.

They have strong jaws and powerful physiques, first-time owners should avoid them as they are extremely hard to handle. Their other name is Sindh Mastiff.

2. Bully kutta

  • Height- Male 85-95 cm and Female 80-90 cm
  • Weight- Male 70-90 kg and Female 65-75 kg
  • Life Span- 8-10 Years
  • Bite Force- 650-700 PSI
  • Color- Black, White, Harlequin, Brindle
  • Temperament- Aggressive, Intelligent, Prey drive, Ferocious

The Bully Kutta is an Indian breed of large-size mastiff, they are common in Northern India and some parts of South India also. They are also known as Indian Mastiffs. Bully kutta is a fighting and hunting breed of dogs. They have a large muscular build and they can be very dangerous to strangers.

They are found in India from ancient times and were used for hunting by kings. Bully kutta is a terrifying yet fascinating breed of dog.

1. Himalayan Mastiff

  • Height- Male 70-80 cm and Female 60-75 cm
  • Weight- Male 60-75 kg and Female 55-70 kg
  • Life Span- 9-11 Years
  • Bite Force- 550 PSI
  • Color- Black and tan, Black, Red
  • Temperament- Devoted, Protective, high prey drive

Himalayan Mastiffs are also known as Himalayan Sheepdogs because they are primarily used for guarding livestock in the Himalayan region. Their other names are Himalayan guard dogs and Indigenous Tibetan mastiffs.

However, they are a bit small than the Tibetan mastiff. They do not like other dogs and strangers also. Himalayan Mastiffs are known to take down full-grown wolves on their own.

This breed is identified as endangered. They are known to fight to the death when comes to protecting their owner and property.


By making this list we are trying to help people know more about our Indian breed of dogs. As they are magnificent and ferocious at the same time. They adapt better to our climate and have low maintenance. They are known to be very protective if raised properly.

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