How to Surrender- Last Date of Surrender Ration Card in UP

Last Date of Surrender Ration Card- Hello Friends welcome to the New Aware India blog here we try to make you all aware so that you can take advantage of the facilities and you can avoid any kind of penalty. Like Ration Card, now the UP Government has made some changes in the rules related to the Ration Card so that maximum benefit can be given to the people in the coming time.

Surrender Ration Card

Last Date of Surrender Ration Card

So now according to the UP government, only those people have the Ration Card. It should be those who need it the most. And such persons who do not need the Ration Card and still have got the Ration Card, then they can surrender the Ration Card so that no action of any kind will be taken on them.

But if you are not eligible to take a Ration Card and still you have a Ration Card and do not Surrender it then UP Government can take action against you like imposing a penalty.

So what is the whole matter, how can you know whether you are eligible for Ration Card or not, if you are not eligible for Ration Card then how can you Surrender the Ration Card and avoid penalty. With this, we will know that if you are not eligible for Ration Card and still kept the Ration Card and are taking a ration at the same time, then what rate UP Government can impose a penalty on you.

How to Know you are Eligible for Ration Card or Not

To know the eligibility of the Ration Card, the UP Government has set some terms and conditions, in which the following things have been kept.

  • The family in which any member is an income taxpayer.
  • 2 lakh per annum in rural and more than 3 lakh per annum in cities.
  • No more than 5 acres of irrigated land
  • Families who have AC installed in their house.
  • Who has a tractor.
  • Any family in which there are four-wheelers.
  • The generator should have more than 5 KVA capacity.
  • One or more weapons are licensed.
  • Plot, flat, or house of 100 square meters (1076.39 sq ft), 80 square meters of the corporate area is commercial space.

How to Surrender Ration Card in UP

To Surrender the Ration Card in UP, you can Surrender the Ration Card by going to the nearest Tehsil or DSO Office. For this, you have to fill out the Ration Card Surrender Form and also attach a photocopy of the Ration Card so that your Ration Card can be Surrendered easily.

Some people on YouTube and other platforms say that you can Surrender the Card through an Online Application by going to an Online or CSC Center but this is absolutely wrong in UP, you cannot Surrender the Card through an e-portal. So avoid wrong and incomplete information

According to which UP Ration Card will be Recovered from Ineligible People. Recovery Rate-

If any ineligible is found in the investigation, according to the District Magistrate – Rs.24 per kg for wheat and Rs.32 per kg for rice and salt, sugar, oil, and other materials will be recovered from the market rate.

Last Date of Surrender Ration Card

According to News Source, The last date to Surrender Card in UP is 26 May 2022 and recent news is coming that the last date to Surrender Card can be extended.

Download Card Surrender Form VII-R

You can download this Surrender Form for free.

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