5 Best Secret to Increase Traffic on Website for Free

Increase Traffic on Website- Hello Friends today we are going to talking about some Methods, which help you to increase traffic on your website for free.

Increase Traffic on Website

Increase Traffic on Website

When we start Blogging then firstly we want to earn money with it, but the biggest problem is that there is not enough traffic on our blog so that we can earn well. But today we will tell you about only 5 methods and if you use these methods properly then you will be able to increase a lot of traffic on your website very soon.

Before that, let us tell you that you may already know about these methods, but believe me, you must not have benefited from them, because you are not using these methods correctly.

This is our brand new blog and here we are publishing blog-related articles only so that we can share our experience with you. Because we started blogging a long time ago and today we are able to earn good money from our blog.

But we have seen that many people start blogging but they are not able to bring traffic to the website, due to which they do not earn and after some time they leave blogging.

In such a situation, if you are also a new blogger and are troubled by the lack of traffic on your website, then this article is very useful for you, so try to understand the methods well because only then you will be able to use them properly and you can easily Increase Traffic on Website.

5 Methods to Increase Traffic on Website

There have several methods to increase traffic on a blog, but if you want to increase traffic on your website is absolutely free, and using genuine ways then these 5 methods are best for you.

01. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the best ways to drag lots of traffic to the website. You already know this but till now you have not got any benefit from it, because you have considered social media only as a link-sharing platform.

You believe that by sharing the links of posts on social media, you will get a lot of traffic on your website. But this is completely wrong, and most of the bloggers make the same mistake, due to which they do not get as much traffic from social media as they do.

So now, the question comes that how should we promote the blog on Social Media?

A- Chose Right Social Media Site for your Blog

First of all, identify only those social media sites from where you can get maximum traffic. Because this can reduce your workload. If you will target all social media sites then in that case you will also have to create different types of content.

Here we suggest to you some most popular Social Media Sites which you can use to Increase Traffic on your Website.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Telegram

All these social sites are very popular in India and other countries right now and maximum people use these sites. So if you target them then it will be better for you.

B- Create Quality Content for Social Media Sites

Today only 2 types of content are most useful on social media-

  1. One who looks good
  2. One who is interested in reading

If you share the link of your website on social media by putting only one image, then you are wasting your time. Firstly you need to create a Proper description of your post. And make sure your Description is Informative because after that people want to know more about your topic and then they will click on your given link.

Your image should not be simple at all, you should have good knowledge of Topography because maximum people will start reading your description only after seeing your image.

Choose selective and informative words in your description, if you write very big or difficult words in your description then people will prefer scrolling instead of understanding them.

C- Try to Reach Targeted Audience

Not everyone is interested in your topic on social media, so you have to reach people who are interested in your topic, so you can use social media groups. Where you will easily get interested people in your topic and if you share your post there, you will get more benefit instead of sharing the post with everyone.

D- Focus on Promote your Social Media Page not your Post or Links

It is better to promote your social media page according to promote a post or link on social media. because it can give you the maximum target audience.

For which you can use videos, it is easier to explain any topic in the video by writing an article, you can take full advantage of this and make some videos for your page. With this you can easily reach your page to those people who are interested in your topic, after that, if you share the link on your page then you will get a good result.

Because people already know about you and your niche, and also they believe you are a genuine person with genuine knowledge.

02. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Today, email marketing is the easiest and most effective way to increase traffic to your website. If you use it properly then you can get instant traffic on your website. For which you have to take care of some basic things-

A- Get a Genuine Email ID

It is better to send an email to 1 right person than to send an email to 10 people. Because they will never respond to your email. That’s why it is better for you to first find the email id of people who interested in your niche.

B- Never Try to Promote your Website

Never try to promote your website through email, rather you share the information about your topic, so that when the user wants to know more about that topic, then he himself will click on the link given by you.

C- Always try to Communicate with your Audience

Try to know the need of your audience, because if you know what people want’s from you then you can easily modify your Content according to your audience. And also with this, a bonding starts to form between you and the user.

03- Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one of the most popular and effective ways to increase traffic on the website. Because people like watching videos more than reading blogs. In such a situation, you can create related videos from your topic and upload them on YouTube & Facebook.

Because at this time YouTube and Facebook both are the best platforms to do video marketing. Where you can upload unlimited videos for free.

04- Question Answering Sites

Question Answering Sites

Question Answering Sites are really good for you because they help you to find people who really need your content. Because people ask questions on question-answering sites and many people give answers to those questions, so if you answer a question then indirectly you tell people about yourself and your niche.

Here your answer decides what kind of image creates in the mind of the other person. If your answer is satisfied for the user then they definitely visit your website also. Because then they come to know that you have good knowledge in that topic.

To become popular on Question-Answering Sites, then you should take special care of some basic things-

A- Create Professional Looking Profile

After Creating an account on any website, the first task is to create a profile. That’s why you should create a professional-looking profile like-

  • Add your Website Logo as your Profile Picture.
  • Add a Meaningful Description
  • You must need to Add your Website Address to your Bio.
  • Also, you can share your other social media profile.

these are some basic points that you must keep in mind after creating an account on any social media or question-answering sites.

B- Always try to give Examples into your Answers

Examples are very important because when you give an example in your answer, then your answer becomes more meaningful, and also people easily understand your points.

C- Try to Add Related Images

Images help you make your answer unique and also attractive. Therefore you should try to upload the related images with your answer.

Along with this, you can also give your website address into your image, so that you can tell people about your website without sharing the link. Because mostly website never want’s people add website links with the Answers.

05- Search Engine

Search Engine

Search Engine is one the best way to Increase Traffic on the Website because here you get only genuine people on your website. To get traffic from the search engine, you have to take care of some basic points-

A- Create Unique and Meaningful Article for your Website

Content is a King, you must have heard this before, to get success in blogging it is necessary that you focus on quality content. Your article should have all the necessary headings, examples, and images.

B- On-Page SEO

Search Engine ranks your article only if you do on-page SEO better inside your article. For which you can use Plugins that provide you proper guidance.

C- Social Sharing

Search Engines always check what kind of response your article is getting on social media. How many people like your content and how many clicks you get through social media sites.

D- Internal Linking

Internal Linking helps a lot in ranking your blog, first of all, you have to check out which article got organic traffic. After that, you need to add your New Article link to your previous article.

Because after that your visitors get information about your new article and also they visit on your new article by clicking your given link. This method will help you to drag traffic on your new article and gradually your new article will start ranking on the search engine.

In Conclusion

Normally when people start blogging, first of all, they see how they can get traffic, we would suggest that the 5 points if you focus on them well then 100% you can increase traffic on your website for Free.

If you have any Dought about this topic then ask us in the comment box and we try to help you, thank you for visiting our blog.


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