10 Benefits of WordPress Why You Need to Use WordPress

Benefits of WordPress: Hello today we are going to talk about the benefits of WordPress. We all know WordPress is one of the best SMC (Content Management Systems) but the question is why you need to use it. So on this page, we tell you about the 10 Benefits of WordPress. So you can Easily Understand why WordPress is too popular and wh you need to use it too.

Benefits of WordPress

Benefits of WordPress

Normally Blogger and WordPress are the two most used CMS Programs but WordPress is popular against Blogger. So the question is why so many people using WordPress. After all, WordPress is too Costly, if you want to use WordPress then first you need to Purchase Hosting and a Custom Domain Name.

After that, you can Install WordPress on your Hosting Panel. If you check on the internet, then most hosting provider companies charge you at least $10 for a month’s hosting plan. This is a simple website plan, but if you want to do professional blogging and have 10,000+ traffic on your website, then you have to purchase a very high-level plan.

Because your website cannot take so much traffic on cheap plans. Whereas if you look at Blogger, then you can create a blog for free with a Custom Domain (Optional), you do not need to pay for anything. But still, most bloggers use WordPress only.

For which there are some main reasons which we are telling you in this page.

Simple and Easy to Use

When I started Blogging, then I had created my blog on blogger, but later I updated our blog on WordPress, then we found some things easier than Blogger for Example-

Permalink- The biggest problem in the Blogger is Month & Year is always added to your Permalink, whereas it is not like that at all on WordPress. With which you can make your Permalink Short, Attractive, and Useful.

Sub-Menu- To create a Submenu on Blogger, you have to write a word inside the Tag Section in the post and whenever you write a Post related to that topic, you will have to write the same word in the tag section again, only then your post will be added in that Sub-Menu.

Whereas on WordPress you get the option of Category, so that you can create a category only once, after that you can add your post within that category in a single click.

Facility or Services- There is a lot of problem in adding any facility to Blogger, but on WordPress, you can easily get Plugins, which you can easily add to your Website.

Quality SEO Optimized Post- Quality Post is one of the most important things in Blogging. But in the Blogger if you want to write a quality post on your Blogger blog, you must have good knowledge of On-Page SEO, because if you don’t have good knowledge of SEO you never know if your Post SEO is good or not.

On the other hand, if you are using WordPress, you can install SEO Plugin on your Blog and it will help you improve your SEO into your Post.

These are some small things that make your Blogging fast and easier.


If we talk about security, then Blogger is a product of Google and Google takes great care of the security of its products, but still, it has always been heard that Gmail Account has been hacked.

A blogger Account is created by a Gmail ID, so if your Gmail is hacked then your Blog is also hacked.

At the same time, WordPress is installed on Hosting, so even if somebody hacked your WordPress Blog then you don’t need to worry because you can easily Recover your Blog. And also your Hosting Provider helps you.

And also you can add some Security Plugins to Improve your Blog Security. They will help you to make your blog safe & secure.


Two types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques that are popular in the Blogging Filed, 1st one is Page SEO and 2nd one is Off-Page SEO. Basically, if you are new to Blogging then you need to focus on On-Page SEO. Because it helps you to write Quality Content according to the Search Engine.

So when we started blogging, we started with Blogger, the problem with Blogger is that you should have complete knowledge on  On-Page SEO, such as whether your Target Keyword is added in Sufficient places or not, Keyword overwritten or not. Whether Internal Linking and External Linking has happened in the post or not, whether the Title,  Meta Description, and Permalink length is correct or not, many problems come in front of you for which you can only guess.

You can solve these issues due to your Knowledge and Experience but in WordPress, you get lots of SEO Plugins that keep an eye on all these things for you and guide you. With which you can fix your article and optimize it according to the search engine.


You can easily get Millions of Free Mobile themes, most themes are free and most are not but when it comes to customizing the theme, WordPress is the best because even if you take a Paid theme on Blogger, then still you got limited options for customization.

If you are using the Paid theme on your WordPress blog, you get Required Plugins too, and after installing and configuring, you can give your website look is Professional from Advance.


WordPress Provides Lots of Free & Paid Plugins, these plugins help you to add functionality to your Website. The Biggest Advantage of WordPress Plugins is that you can easily customize them and add them to your website.

But if you are using Blogger, you need to add Codes on your Template to Add any Facility. So in this case WordPress is better than blogger.


Website Design is one of the most important factors in Blogging. Because your Website Design is Simple and Easy to Understand than Users easily find your content on your Blog. I know that Blogger also provides lots of Options to you but WordPress is Advanced according to the Blogger.

If you want to customize your Blogger Website, you have two options, 1st one is to use the Template Design Option & the Second one is coding.


Services like Email Subscribe, Notification Subscriber, Social Media Icons, Share Buttons, and most important Comment System is the most important to do Blogging smoothly.

Now if we add all these things to Blogger, then there is a lot of problems and at the same time, they do not seem professional either. While it is very easy to add all these functions on WordPress, you can add in Single Click.

That is to say that you can easily add and remove any functionality inside WordPress.

Speed and Efficiency

Speed ​​and Efficiency is a very important factor in the field of blogging because if you do the work with Speed ​​and Efficiency then you can focus on other things that is why it is a very important factor.

WordPress provides you all the important things to build a website to design your entire website very quickly. For which you only need Image and Text, apart from this you do not need anything.

Along with this, you can design your entire website in a maximum of 1 to 2 hours without coding as well as add all the important functions.

Easy to Rank

There are some important factors to rank a website in Search Engines such as Website Speed, On-Page SEO, Permalink, and Meta Description. You can do all these things very easily in WordPress.

Because for all these tasks you get Useful Plugins which make your work very easy. Because of this, your website ranks very fast in Search Engines.


If you have a website and there is no earning from that website, then there is no use in making a website. Now it is not necessary that you do only blogging from the website, you can create a Woo-Commerce site and you can also earn by selling the product.

Along with this, you can also earn more money from the website through Ad Networks and Affiliate Marketing. For which WordPress is the best because some such plugins and themes are available in WordPress which provide you the best service for placing ads.

By which you have to place the Ad Code only once and ads start showing in your website and in the post.

Along with this, if we talk about Affiliate Marketing, you can also create custom buttons in WordPress so that improves the chances of clicking on your given link. Overall, you can do all these things very easily in WordPress and you can earn from your website. I think this is one of the best Benefits of WordPress.

In Conclusion of Benefits of WordPress

On this page, we have told you only about the Basic Advantages, so that you can get this information and you can decide whether you should use Blogger or WordPress for blogging.

Apart from this, if you go to Advanced Level, then there are many things that you can do in WordPress, such as you can design your own theme so that you can design your website completely according to your own accord.

Or you can also use features like Tag-Div and Page Builder so that you can add Functions to your website in a single click and give it a Pro Look.

Hope this basic information will be useful for you and you must have understood well about the Benefits of WordPress. If you have any questions related to this topic, then you can ask us by commenting.

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